Electrical Design Plans

     Electrical division is capable of in-house design, installation and maintenance of H.V, L.V and low current systems.

     Headed by professionals and skilled technicians, the department has electrical engineering expertise, H.V substations, transmission lines, H.V / L.V cable laying, industrial and commercial building and fire alarm, telephone / computer network and other security services.

     The core electrical installation work comprises of transformers & H.V equipment, main / sub-main and final distribution panel boards, MCC and capacitors, generators and automation change over panel, cable, wiring, trunking and conduit systems, earthing and lighting protection systems, lighting luminaries, fire alarm systems, SMART system and intercom systems.

We LHD engineering works offer the following:

  • Construct ability Review
  • Estimation & Value Engineering
  • Schedule Development
  • Document Preparation, Review and Analysis
  • Construction Team Coordination
  • Early Procurement of Long Lead Materials
  • Plan Check and Permit
  • Contracting and installation services.
  • Building commissioning.
  • Long term preventative maintenance and service.

Electrical Systems

  • Main / Sub-main and Final distribution panel boards, MCC, capacitor bank panels and automatic change  over panel with integrated controllers. 
  • Diesel generating stations both indoor and outdoor with complete acoustic and ventilation solutions.
  • Earthing systems and Lightning Protection.
  • Lighting luminaries of all ranges, High bay lighting, Street Light Installations with controllers and integrated lighting control solutions.
  • UPS Banks with battery stacks.
  • LV cabling, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Cable trays, trunking, conduit and all containment systems.
  • solar power system for home.


  • Structured cabling telephone.
  • Audio/Video Intercom solutions.
  • Voice/Data systems.
  • SMATV systems.
  • Security systems including Access controls and CCTV system.
  • Public address systems.